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Iran’s Quds Force Commander Visits Iraq to Bring the Country under Iranian Influence

When Iranian persuasion fails to achieve a political outcome, Iran reverts to assassination squads Read More »

The Iranian Economic Situation Continues to Worsen as U.S. Sanctions Loom

Inflation, unemployment, poverty, discontent plague the Iranian people Read More »

Iran Admits Senior Official Requested Political Asylum in Switzerland

Iranian defections worries the Ayatollah regime Read More »

Iran’s Revolutionary Guard Smuggled Suitcases of Explosives into Saudi Arabia

Iranian-Saudi animosity has a long and deadly history Read More »

Iran Will Deploy its Fatehin-Basij Special Forces to Suppress Iranian Unrest

Special Forces unit, volunteers for the Revolutionary Guard, designed for “difficult times” Read More »

Iran’s Defense Minister in Damascus: Iran Will Take an Active Part in Rehabilitating Syria

Iran tightens its grip on Syria Read More »

Is Kenya a Target for Iranian Terrorism?

Two Iranian terrorists jailed in 2012 are the center of Kenyan government debate Read More »

What Stands behind Iran’s War Threats?

Is Iran’s leadership becoming unbalanced by the domestic and economic turmoil? Read More »

Iran Targets Tajikistan. Its Proxies Are Islamic Terrorists

Iran Trains and Finances Islamic Terrorists Read More »

Hizbullah Reveals Its (Iranian-Made) “Air Force”

New Drone Exhibit at Hizbullah’s “Resistance” Museum Read More »

Dance at Home – And Face the Wrath of the Ayatollahs

Iran’s women challenge the conservative and repressive Islamic Republic’s leadership Read More »

Iran’s Response to Trump’s Meeting with Kim Jong-Un

Iran press warns North Korea of Trump’s unreliability and emphasizes differences between Tehran and Pyongyang Read More »

Iran’s Soccer Team Faces Sanctions on its Way to the World Cup

Sanctions and anti-Israel animosity cripple the team Read More »

Low Turnout for Al-Quds Day Demonstrations in Iran

“Will the day come when we demonstrate for our homeland Iran…and not for others?” Read More »