Jamie Berk

Jamie Berk is a research scholar and Coordinator of the Program to Counter BDS and Political Warfare at the Jerusalem Center. She is a graduate of McGill University and the Hebrew University of Jerusalem.

Publications by Jamie Berk

Students for Justice in Palestine Unmasked

Students for Justice in Palestine Unmasked

Terror Links, Violence, Bigotry and Intimidation on US Campuses Read More »

The Palestinian Authority as a Post-Soviet “Frozen Conflict”

The Israeli government should acknowledge that the creation of a Palestinian state with a robust economy, independent infrastructure, and low unemployment may not be in the PA leadership’s best interest. Read More »

Students for Justice in Palestine Unmasked

SJP is not as they claim, a “grassroots” student organization; it is a terror-affiliated anti-Semitic network. Read More »

The Moral Relativism of the United Nations

UN member states, led by the Arab bloc, apply a radically different moral standard to Israel Read More »