Gerald Bubis

Gerald Bubis is Founding Director of the School of Jewish Communal Service and Alfred Gottschalk Professor Emeritus of Jewish Communal Studies at Hebrew Union College, Los Angeles. He served as Vice-Chair of the Steering Committee of the Jerusalem Center for Public Affairs.

Publications by Gerald Bubis


 No. 478     May 2002 Israeli Arabs — A Growing Time Bomb The riots by Israeli Arabs in October 2000, which took place in conjunction with the outbreak of a renewed wave of Palestinian violence against Israeli Jews, resulted […] Read More »

Setting the Terms of Reference: Daniel J. Elazar’s Impact on American Jewish Organizational Life

A giant of the twentieth century left us when Daniel J. Elazar succumbed to an illness on December 2, 1999, at age 65. His career was unique, and much will be written of his multifaceted contributions over the decades to the fields of political science and political theory.
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Reappraising Jafi’s Missions in Israel

Back to the Future: Jewish Awakening and Renewal

The Impact of Denomination: Differences in the Israel-Related Opinions of American Rabbis and Jewish Communal Workers

Jewish professional communal leaders differ from the Jewish public in that they are more Jewishly knowledgeable, involved, and committed. This study reports on survey data collected in 1987 from these leaders? American rabbis and Jewish communal workers ? subdivided along denominational lines. It confirms the near demise of any distinctive position of communal workers and underlines the importance of denominational or religious identity as a variable in predicting attitudes toward Israel. Analyzed
areas of behavior include frequency of travel to Israel and contact with Israelis. Attitudes investigated dealt with Zionist commitment, Israeli foreign policy and political personalities, the acceptability of public criticism of Israel, and religious pluralism. Read More »

What are the Professional Leaders of American Jewry Thinking About Israel?

Some Paradoxes in American Jewish Life

During two decades of Jewish communal service, I have been continually confronted by the numerous paradoxes I see in American Jewish life today. The following list of fifteen paradoxes represents my personal assessment. The list is not exhaustive but, for me, intriguing. Read More »

Some Paradoxes in American Jewish Life