Efraim Zadoff

Dr. Efraim Zadoff is an expert in Jewish history in modern Latin America. He is also a recognized officiant by TKASIM to perform Jewish secular humanistic ceremonies.

Publications by Efraim Zadoff

The Development of Va’ad HaHinuch (Argentina) as Reflected in its Bylaws (1935-1943)

A comparison of four sets of bylaws of the Va’ad HaHinuch of Buenos Aires, approved over a nine-year period (1935-1943), allows us to follow developments in the standing of the
organization and its relationships with the Ashkenazi community and other institutions in the city. As its importance and influence increased, the leadership of the community as well as the political forces which comprised it tried to strengthen their control over the Va’ad HaHinuch, in order to limit its authority and prevent any independent activities not under their scrutiny.
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