Efraim Inbar

The author is a Fellow of the Jerusalem Center for Public Affairs and Professor of Political Science and Director of the Begin-Sadat Center for Strategic Studies at Bar-Ilan University.

Publications by Efraim Inbar

Changing Attitudes of the Israeli Political Leadership Toward the Use of Force

Jews, Jewishness, and Israel’s Foreign Policy

This article seeks to clarify the nature and manifestations of the Jewish dimension in Israeli foreign policy. Sensitivity to the interests of diaspora communities is generally subordinated to raison d’etat. External Jewish intervention in Israeli foreign policy is negligible, though greater involvement on the part of diaspora leaders can be detected. The impact of Jewish psycho-cultural factors on Israels external relations is decreasing as a result of the secularization of Israeli society and the diminishing weight of Jewish cultural baggage. Read More »

The Jewish Dimension in Teaching International Relations

This article gives a positive answer to the question whether there is a Jewish dimension in the study of International Relations. It elaborates on why one should introduce or emphasize the Jewish dimension in International Relations courses. Finally, it makes several practical suggestions about how to do so. Read More »