Dr. Yaacov Cohen

Dr. Yaacov Cohen completed his doctorate in economics at the University of Vienna while employed by the Israeli Foreign Ministry. He has held various foreign assignments: ambassador to Spain, 1992-1995; to Japan and South Korea, 1985-1988; to Venezuela, 1981-1985; chargé d'affaires in Turkey, 1980-1981; minister (economy) at the Israeli embassy in Belgium and deputy head of Mission to the European Union in Brussels, 1972-1976. In Jerusalem: deputy economic director of the Foreign Ministry, 1988-1992; head of the foreign trade desk of the Ministry of Industry and Trade, 1976-1980;. Since 1995, Dr. Cohen has been senior lecturer in East Asian Studies at the Hebrew University.

Publications by Dr. Yaacov Cohen

The Improvement in Israeli-South Korean Relations

After a brief period of nonalignment following its establishment in 1948, Israel supported the United States, the United Nations, and South Korea during the 1950-1953 Korean War. In 1962 Israel and South Korea established full diplomatic relations, but in 1978 Israel closed its embassy in Seoul for budgetary reasons. Read More »

Japanese-Israeli Relations, The United States, And Oil

The article surveys Japan’s attitude toward the Jews and Zionism beginning with the positive phase in the 1920s and 1930s. It describes the subsequent negative effect of the oil factor on Japanese-Israeli relations, and the improvement in these since the fall of the Soviet Union, the first Gulf War, and the Madrid Conference. The key change for Japan was the decision by Saudi Arabia, Kuwait, and the Gulf States to abolish their indirect boycott of Israel in September 1991. The fact is underlined Read More »