Dr. Steven Windmueller

Dr. Steven Windmueller is the Rabbi Alfred Gottschalk Emeritus Professor of Jewish Communal Studies at the Jack H. Skirball Campus of Hebrew Union College-Jewish Institute of Religion, Los Angeles. His writings can be found on his website: thewindreport.com. Professor Windmueller is a Fellow at the Jerusalem Center for Public Affairs.

Publications by Dr. Steven Windmueller

Reflections on the U.S. Presidential Election and its Implications for American Jewry and the State of Israel

American democracy with all of its complexities continues to serve the nation well. Read More »

The 2016 Election: Jews and Their Politics

American Jewish voting behavior explained in 12 principles Read More »

Jews in the Psyche of America

The American Jewish experience is unique. Singularly different from other Diaspora encounters, one struggles to understand all of the historical, political, and social factors that have contributed to this exceptional national phenomenon. Yet it is as much an individualized encounter with this society as it is a formal connection to the nation called "America." Just as American society has embraced Jews, American Jewry has fully identified with this nation’s core values, thereby creat Read More »

The Unfolding Economic Crisis: Its Devastating Implications for American Jewry

The full impact of the current economic crisis may not be felt for years. In the midst of it, core institutions are being fundamentally reshaped and individual lifestyles reconstructed. These economic challenges threaten the existing infrastructure of the American Jewish community, leading to a new order of institutions and leaders. Read More »

Revisiting the 2008 Presidential Election: Reflections on the Jewish Vote

Despite a strong effort to portray this election as a watershed moment in redefining the Jewish vote, American Jews remain overwhelmingly Democratic and liberal. Read More »

Jewish-Latino Interactions in the United States

From the Jewish standpoint, the relevance of Latinos is their growing importance in the United States. Latinos are increasingly playing a role in local and national politics. In the economy they also interact increasingly with the rest of society, which means with Jews as well. Key to improving Jewish-Latino intercommunal relations is shared values. Both have a great love for family and are strongly committed to their children’s education. Read More »

The Jewish Communities of the Western United States

Twenty-five percent of all American Jews live in the Western United States. They represent a distinctive and growing voice within Jewish life. Read More »

Assessing the American Jewish Institutional Response to Global Anti-Semitism

The new, global anti-Semitism presents a unique challenge because of its emphasis on public campaigns to delegitimize Israel, the Jewish people, and Judaism. The various responses of American Jewish organizations display three levels of engagement – core participation, selective interest, and minimal interest. Initiatives by these agencies in the European sphere have sometimes prompted criticism, particularly by French Jewish activists who allege presumptuous attitudes that put their own communities Read More »


Jews have been viewed in the United States as a hot political property. During the twentieth century, political parties and the political establishment have sought to be responsive to the Jewish community and its agenda. Read More »

Are American Jews Becoming Republican? Insights into Jewish Political Behavior

An overwhelming majority of American Jews – 73 percent – describe themselves as moderate or liberal; 23 percent label themselves as conservative. Only 19 percent voted for Bush in the 2000 elections, but there are indications that Jewish support for the Republican Party is on the rise. The growing Orthodox communities in the New York metropolitan area and elsewhere are distinctively Republican. Read More »


Martin Buber wrote: “Each Jew represents the mirror image of the collective soul of the Jewish people.” Read More »

September 11: Its Implications for American Jewry

Martin Buber wrote: "Each Jew represents the mirror image of the collective soul of the Jewish people." In recent times, we have described ourselves as a proud people, assured of our place in the modern world. But the events of September 11 left us numbed and confused as to its meaning and message. Read More »

Re-Thinking Jewish – Latino Relations in Los Angeles

Changing dimensions of inter-group relations and the future of the Los Angeles community are presented. Read More »

Rethinking Latino-Jewish Relations in Los Angeles

Much has been written about the state of race and intergroup relations in the U.S. While the primary focus has centered on issues related to the condition of black and white relationships, more recent attention has been given to the questions of multiculturalism in the society. As a subset of these discussions, the Black-Jewish connection has evoked considerable interest for some period of time, yet the story of Latino-Jewish relations has attracted minimal interest. Read More »

The Contest for the Jewish Future

The Survival and Success of Jewish Institutions: Assessing Organizational and Management Patterns

The Road to Decision Making: An Analysis of Jewish Community Relations Public Policy