Dr. Manfred Gerstenfeld

Dr. Manfred Gerstenfeld is emeritus chairman (2000-2012) of the Jerusalem Center for Public Affairs. The author was given the Lifetime Achievement Award by the Journal for the Study of Antisemitism, and the International Leadership Award by the Simon Wiesenthal Center. His latest book is The War of a Million Cuts: The Struggle against the Delegitimization of Israel and the Jews, and the Growth of New Anti-Semitism (2015). His previous books include Europe’s Crumbling Myths: The Post-Holocaust Origins of Today’s Anti-Semitism; Judging the Netherlands: The Renewed Holocaust Restitution Process, 1997-2000; and The Abuse of Holocaust Memory: Distortions and Responses.

Publications by Dr. Manfred Gerstenfeld

Jacques Neriah, Between Rabin and Arafat: A Political Diary, 1993-1994

Rabin emerges as a solid analyst, capable of reaching decisions, and a man of integrity. Read More »

Why a New Academic Discipline of Post-Holocaust Studies Should Be Established and What Its Content Should Be

Post-Holocaust studies is a huge field of study that merits becoming a defined, formal area of study. Read More »

Why Post-Holocaust Studies Are Important to Societies Today

The subject of genocide overshadows the very important impact the Holocaust has made on post-war societies. Read More »

Anti-Semitism in the British Labour Party against the Background of Brexit

In recent months, a large number of extreme anti-Semitic expressions by elected representatives of the British Labour Party have come to light. The publicity has forced Labour, which is under the leadership of Jeremy Corbyn, to investigate anti-Semitism, Islamophobia, and racism in the party. The anti-Semitism issue is overshadowed by the many consequences of Brexit, which include a major crisis in Labour. Read More »

Jewish Identities in Postmodern Societies

Is being Jewish a matter of culture, religion, belonging to a nation or to a community? Or is it also something else? Read More »

Günther Jikeli and Joëlle Allouche-Benayoun, eds., Perceptions of the Holocaust in Europe and Muslim Communites

The indiscriminate mass immigration of Muslims to Europe has brought extremely negative consequences for most of its Jewish communities. Read More »

From Welcome Euphoria to Pandora’s Box – The European Refugee Crisis, Israel and the Jews.

The massive chaotic influx of over a million refugees into Europe in recent months has sparked radical new developments, in particular in Germany and Sweden, the two countries which have accepted the largest numbers of refugees. These ongoing developments create […] Read More »

Michelle Mazel, La Maison du Pacha; Souvenirs d’une Israélienne au Caire (The Pasha’s House – Memories of an Israeli Woman in Cairo)

The Pasha’s House is well-written, highly readable and interesting for those who have little knowledge of Egypt as well as for those who are well-acquainted with the country. Read More »

The Moral Relativism of the United Nations

UN member states, led by the Arab bloc, apply a radically different moral standard to Israel Read More »

The War of a Million Cuts: The Struggle Against the Delegitimization of Israel and the Jews, and the Growth of New Anti-Semitism

The War of a Million Cuts: The Struggle against the Deligitimization of Israel and the Jews, and the Growth of New Anti-Semitism

This comprehensive survey describes the hateful messages of those who defame Israel, explains how these messages are transmitted to the public, and proposes innovative ideas to combat BDS. Read More »

From Ambivalence to Betrayal: The Left, the Jews, and Israel, by Robert Wistrich

Historian Robert Wistrich, who holds the Neuberger Chair for Modern European and Jewish History at the Hebrew University in Jerusalem and is the head of the Vidal Sassoon International Center for the Study of Anti-Semitism, publishes prolifically. Read More »

The Abuse of Holocaust Memory in 2011-2012

The Holocaust has become a symbol of absolute evil in Western society. Read More »

The Delegitimization of Israel in Schools in the Western World

Interested in Football, Reading about the Holocaust

Ajax, a leading Amsterdam soccer team, was Dutch champion many times and winner of the European Club Championship on several occasions. However, discussion of the soccer club and game in Simon Kuper’s book is, for the most part, a means by which to tell the story of the Jews in Dutch society before, during, and after the Holocaust. This is a clever marketing exercise. A book with a title focusing only on the Holocaust in the Netherlands would probably have attracted far fewer readers. Read More »

The Gaza War and the New Outburst of Anti-Semitism

Anti-Semitic and anti-Israeli manifestations reached post-Second World War highs during Israel’s recent Gaza campaign. A number of new hate thresholds were crossed. There were much-increased public expressions of equating Israel with Nazi Germany. Calls for the murder of Jews abounded for the first time in demonstrations in Germany, as well as in the United States. A number of actions by various independent Muslim bodies in several Western countries manifested their desire to conquer the public Read More »

The EU Constitutional Crisis, the Middle East, and Israel

Vol. 4, No. 25     26 June 2005 The rejection of the proposed European Union constitution in France and the Netherlands has weakened Europe’s overall status and may influence Europe’s role in the Middle East. While past EU policies […] Read More »

Rewriting Germany’s Nazi Past – A Society in Moral Decline

Germany’s democratic postwar governments have made great efforts to make the country again acceptable in the civilized world. Read More »


The Palestinian uprising in 2000 created major new challenges to American Jewish leadership. Other watershed events such as September 11, 2001, and the war in Iraq also heavily influenced their environment. Read More »

The Mahathir Affair: A Case Study

At the Organization of the Islamic Conference summit, Malaysian Prime Minister Mohamad Mahathir, the conference host, represented relations between Muslims and Jews as a worldwide frontal confrontation, offering some new examples of a "Jewish conspiracy." His words were broadly applauded.
Read More »

The Academic Boycott Against Israel and How to Fight It

No. 12,  The first major academic boycott attempt against Israel was initiated last year by British Professors Steven and Hilary Rose, both Jews. They claimed Israeli academics were the only non-European Union member scholars eligible for its grants, and because […] Read More »

Apocalyptic Fears Now; Unforseen Risks Tomorrow: Israel’s Poorly Predicted Future

After seven years of the peace process, catastrophic remarks about the end of the State of Israel are much more frequent than they were before the Oslo agreements. Judaism has a long tradition of religious apocalyptic thought; in the secular end-of-days fantasies of the last few months, however, no salvation is offered the community. Read More »

Jewish War Claims in the Netherlands: A Case Study

There is probably a greater discrepancy between the benign image and the harsh reality of Dutch wartime and postwar behavior than for any other country. An analysis of the Holocaust as sets issue and its background in The Netherlands can be relevant in a much larger European context in view of its multiple finan cial, political, historical, cultural, psychological, social, educational, and moral implications.
Read More »

Investigating Much, Paying Little: The Dutch Government and the Holocaust Asset Inquiries

Discussing the repayment of holocaust victims, and release of bank accounts held by the Dutch government. Read More »

The Intellectual World of Daniel Elazar

In memoriam of Daniel Elazar, an article on Jewish thought, continuation, and the impact of his work. Read More »

A New Agenda for the Jewish People

The development of new frameworks, changing cultures, and major avenues of Jewish identification throughout the world. Read More »

The Ultra-Orthodox Community and Environmental Issues

Classical Jewish texts refer to a substantial number of the dispersed issues which in recent decades have been consolidated within the framework of the environmental discipline. If one were now to group all "environmental halakhot" in existence at the beginning of the nineteenth century — before Jewish emancipation fragmented observance — they would add up to a sizable codex.
Read More »

Wartime and Postwar Dutch Attitudes Toward the Jews: Myth and Truth

The myth that the great majority of the Dutch people had a highly positive attitude toward the Jews during World War II, identified with their suffering, and took risks to help them has gradually been unmasked in The Netherlands itself over the past decades. Read More »

Prospects for the Israeli Economy in Light of the Global Crisis

Neo-Paganism in the Public Square and its Relevance to Judaism

Spiritual and secular aspects of paganism, Jewish environmentalism, and the long struggle of monotheism are discussed. Read More »

A Jewish Perspective on Modern Environmentalism

The Italian Stage

The Economic Impact of Peace

Fighting the Administration’s Use of Power

Can Israel Ever Trust Europe?

Italy: Present and Future

Privatization After the Death of Socialism: Lessons for Israel

The Israeli Paradigm for a Capitalist Soviet Union

Absorbing the Mass Immigration Facing Reality