Dr. Betsy Gidwitz

Dr. Betsy Gidwitz, a member of the Jerusalem Center's Board of Overseers and formerly a Soviet-area specialist in the Department of Aeronautics and Astronautics at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology, is now an independent consultant in Chicago.

Publications by Dr. Betsy Gidwitz

The Role of Politics in Contemporary Russian Antisemitism

In recent months, since shortly after the collapse of the Russian ruble in August 1998, an upsurge of antisemitism in Russia has generated a startling increase in emigration of Russian Jewry. Among Jews in Israel and many diaspora countries, concern has grown about the fate of those Jews remaining in Russia, the largest of the post-Soviet states. Read More »

The Jews of Moldova, 1998

After Russia, the contemporary situation of Jews in Moldovia, Jewish Education, and prospects for Aliyah. Read More »