Chanan Reich

Dr. Chanan Reich is head of the Department of Political Science at the Yizre'el Valley Academic College, visiting lecturer at the University of Haifa, and honorary research associate at the Centre for the Study of Jewish Civilisation in the School of Historical Studies at Monash University. He is the author of Australia and Israel: An Ambiguous Relationship (Melbourne: Melbourne University Press, 2002).

Publications by Chanan Reich

Religious Values and Political Expediency – Australia and the Question of Jerusalem: 1947-1950

Australia’s crucial role in the UN decision of 9 December 1949 to internationalize the whole city of Jerusalem and Bethlehem emanated from the mistaken belief of the Minister
of External Affairs, H. V. Evatt, that many Catholic votes could be won by that initiative. The campaign in Australia to that end by some quarters in the Catholic Church clearly demonstrates very obvious anti-Semitic attitudes within its hierarchy. The policy of the Liberal-Country Party government regarding Jerusalem reflects the dilemma of a government forced by circumstances to continue pursuing a policy which it had fundamentally rejected. Read More »