Prof. Asa Kasher

Prof. Asa Kasher is the Laura Schwarz-Kipp Professor Emeritus of Professional Ethics and Philosophy of Practice and Professor Emeritus of Philosophy at Tel Aviv University in Israel. In 2000, Professor Kasher was awarded the Israel Prize for his work in philosophy and ethics. Prof. Kasher is author of the IDF's Code of Ethics.

Publications by Prof. Asa Kasher

Democracy Facing Terrorism:
Human Rights and Military Ethics

The ability to successfully fight the enemies of Israel has for many decades been an essential ingredient of Israel’s collective identity. This is not the only element of the collective identity: Israel has a democratic regime and is the nation-state […] Read More »

A Moral Evaluation of the Gaza War – Operation Cast Lead

There is no army in the world that will endanger its soldiers in order to avoid hitting the warned neighbors of an enemy or terrorist. Israel should favor the lives of its own soldiers over the lives of the well-warned neighbors of a terrorist when it is operating in a territory that it does not effectively control, because in such territories it does not bear the moral responsibility for properly separating between dangerous individuals and harmless ones. Read More »