Amb. Alan Baker

Amb. Alan Baker is Director of the Institute for Contemporary Affairs at the Jerusalem Center and the head of the Global Law Forum. He participated in the negotiation and drafting of the Oslo Accords with the Palestinians, as well as agreements and peace treaties with Egypt, Jordan, and Lebanon. He served as legal adviser and deputy director-general of Israel’s Ministry of Foreign Affairs and as Israel’s ambassador to Canada.

Publications by Amb. Alan Baker

Saeb Erekat, Airbnb, and BDS

Has “Airbnb” become “AirBDS”? Read More »

After the Pittsburgh Synagogue Massacre, It’s Time to Adopt an International Convention on the Crime of Anti-Semitism

Anti-Semitism is a unique, age-old phenomenon, with its own distinct roots, causes, and consequences Read More »

Why is the ICC Prosecutor Interfering in Khan Al-ahmar?

The ICC has no jurisdiction in cases decided by Israel’s Supreme Court. Read More »

“Palestine” Refugees or “Palestinian” Refugees?

UNRWA was originally established for relief of refugees from all communities, including Jews. Read More »

Is the International Criminal Court Becoming a Palestinian Propaganda Engine?

The ICC’s outreach to Palestinian “victims” Read More »

The Many Ways Palestinians Violate International Law

Incendiary kites and balloons, poisonous fumes, arson, children as human shields, rockets, attack tunnels, and murder – that’s just a start. Read More »

Did Israel Use “Disproportionate Force” to Protect the Gaza Fence?

What does international law say about hostile “demonstrators” breaching a border? Read More »

Abbas’ Threat to Revoke Palestinian Recognition of Israel

Abbas’ threat is – as always – a double-edged sword Read More »

Manipulating the Truth about Gaza

Some truths about Peter Beinart’s “truth” in Gaza Read More »

Israel’s Contribution to the Modern Evolution of International Law

Discrimination against Israel continues in international law institutions Read More »

The Events along the Border with Gaza

International hypocrisy once again Read More »

Abbas at the UN: An Exercise in Futility

Palestinian Authority Chairman Mahmoud Abbas speaks to the UN Security Council about the peace process. Read More »

Abbas at the UN: An Exercise in Futility

Palestinian Authority Chairman Mahmoud Abbas speaks to the UN Security Council on February 20, 2018, about the peace process. Read More »

Palestinian Manipulation of the International Criminal Court

Will the International Criminal Court disregard international law? Read More »

Recognizing Jerusalem as Israel’s Capital Will not Damage the Peace Process

The United States government is deliberating whether to recognize Jerusalem as Israel’s capital and whether to move the American Embassy to Jerusalem. Read More »

Ten Reasons for Recognizing Jerusalem as the Capital of Israel

Submitting to threats of violence is a surrender to terror and a sign of weakness. Read More »

Back to Israeli-Palestinian Negotiations? – Some Basic Truths

Israel holds these truths to be self-evident Read More »

Palestinian Unification Must Honor Palestinian Commitments

Hamas must surrender its guns, rockets, and tunnels Read More »

INTERPOL Ignores Terror and Criminals

Interpol’s dereliction of law enforcement duties Read More »

Hijacking the Laws of Occupation

Only one place in the world is called “occupied,” not in Crimea, Cyprus, Iraq… Read More »

Jordan’s Refusal to Permit the Return of Israel’s Ambassador Is against International Law and the Peace Treaty

Jordan is at odds with the Jordanian-Israeli Peace Treaty Read More »

UNRWA Condemns the Palestinians to Refugee Status in Perpetuity

The UN’s refugee industry Read More »

The Jews:  One of the World’s Oldest Indigenous Peoples

The Balfour Declaration and Jewish Peoplehood Read More »

New Palestinian Attempt at UNESCO to Claim Hebron and the Patriarch’s Tomb as a Palestinian Site

Palestinian campaign to delegitimize Israel by manipulating UNESCO is proceeding at an enhanced pace. Read More »

Four Pertinent and Timely Comments on the Trump Visit

American policy and President Trump’s visit to Israel Read More »

UNESCO’s Latest Resolution on Jerusalem: Much of the Same

UNESCO again denies the ties between the Jewish People and Jerusalem Read More »

How is a 100-year-old document still legally binding today?

The Balfour Declaration was not in itself a legal document, but it was an official declaration by the state of Britain and as such, it was binding. Read More »

The Dangers of a Unilateral Israeli Withdrawal from the West Bank and Eastern Jerusalem

The Trap of Unilateral Withdrawal Read More »

The Legal Veracity of the Balfour Declaration

Was the Balfour Declaration a Legal Document? Read More »

The Legal Response to Terrorism

International terror, by definition, openly and overtly undermines and abuses international humanitarian law and norms that bind civilized states and by which they act. Whether it targets one particular country, territory or population, or is directed against Western values, religions, […] Read More »

“The Two-State Solution”: What Does It Really Mean?

Any Palestinian state must recognize Israel as the nation state of the Jewish people Read More »

The Dangers of a Unilateral Israeli Withdrawal from the West Bank and Eastern Jerusalem

The Trap of Unilateral Withdrawal Read More »

Debunking 11 More False Assumptions Regarding Israel

Falsehoods and misperceptions in the service of bias Read More »

The Dangers of UN Security Council Resolution 2334 (2016)

The prospects for peace were set-back by the United States’ troubling UN vote Read More »

A Scandalous UN Resolution

A UN Resolution that legitimizes Palestinian rejectionism, contravenes the Oslo agreement, and empowers Israel’s enemies. Read More »

UNESCO’s Regrettable Self-Assisted Suicide

UNESCO denies Jewish and Christian ties to Jerusalem Read More »

Why Is a Delegation from the International Criminal Court Visiting Israel This Week?

A delegation from the International Criminal Court’s prosecutor’s office is visiting Israel and the Palestinian Authority in Ramallah this week (October 5 – 9, 2016) to meet “with Israeli and Palestinian officials at the working levels.”

What is the delegation’s mission? Read More »

Israel’s Rights in the Territories under International Law

Reference to the “Palestinian territories” is a complete fallacy. Read More »

International Law Expert: Israel Is Not an “Occupier”

International law defines “occupation” as one power occupying the lands of a foreign sovereign. In Israel’s case, Israel is not occupying any foreign sovereign’s land; Israel entered the area known as the West Bank in 1967 and took over the authority to administer the land from Jordan, which was never considered to be a sovereign in the area. Read More »

Ten False Assumptions Regarding Israel

Falsehoods and misperceptions in the service of bias Read More »

The Curious State Department Announcement on Israeli Settlements

The State Department’s obsession with Jewish settlements Read More »

International Funding for Salaries and Benefits to Terrorists

How the Palestinian Authority launders money through the PLO Read More »

Borders Melt-Down: 100 Years After the Sykes-Picot Agreement

A century after the Sykes Picot Agreement, the Middle East has become a political powder keg and the setting for successive armed conflicts. Read More »

The Self-Destruction of UNESCO

UNESCO is denying the history, culture and integrity of the Jewish People Read More »

Does UNESCO’s Resolution to Condemn Israel Conflict with its Mission?

Adam Shay interviews Amb. Alan Baker. Q: The UN agency UNESCO voted last week to condemn Israel for actions on the Temple Mount and Western Wall Plaza. Does UNESCO’s resolution conflict with its mission? Amb. Alan Baker: Absolutely, it 100% […] Read More »

Top International Law Expert Takes Down “Occupied Palestinian Territories” Meme

Amb.Alan Baker, who participated in negotiations on the Oslo Accords and today is Director of the Institute for Contemporary Affairs at the Jerusalem Center for Public Affairs explains how the OPT concept has no basis in international law. Read More »

Is Egypt’s Transfer Of Two Red Sea Islands to Saudi Arabia a Risk for Israel?

Lenny Ben-David, Jerusalem Center’s Director of Publications interviews Amb. Alan Baker. Question of the day: It was announced today that Saudi Arabia and Egypt have an agreement on two very key small Islands at the mouth of the Red Sea: […] Read More »

What is the Significance of a UN Resolution the Palestinians Want to Introduce?

Lenny Ben-David, Jerusalem Center’s Director of Publications interviews Amb. Alan Baker, Director of the Institute for Contemporary Affairs. Question of the day: As the former legal advisor to Israel’s Foreign Ministry and Ambassador to Canada, can you respond to reports […] Read More »

Israel’s Settlements: Legal or Illegal?

Jerusalem Center Research Fellow Dan Diker Interviews: Amb. Alan Baker and Irit Kohn adv. Read More »

Have the Palestinians Renounced the Peace Process?

PA foreign minister’s announcement may be a fundamental breach of the Oslo accords. Read More »

France’s Ultimatum to Israel – Legally Flawed and Politically Imprudent

A curious, unprecedented, biased and unfriendly ultimatum from France Read More »

Are There Double Standards in Israel’s Application of the Rule of Law in the Territories?

Response to criticism by U.S. Ambassador Daniel Shapiro Read More »

“State of Palestine” Passports? Another Violation of the Oslo Accords

All countries cosigning the Oslo Accords should reject Palestinian passports Read More »

Do Stabbing Attacks Constitute Terrorism?

Sweden claimed knife attacks on Israelis aren’t terror Read More »

10 Things to Know about the UN Partition Vote of November 29, 1947

The historic UN vote on partition of Palestine, November 29, 1947 Read More »

Outlawing the Northern Branch of the Islamic Movement in Israel

Evidence of cooperation of the Islamic Movement with Hamas and the Moslem Brotherhood Read More »

Palestinian Incitement to Violence and Terror:
Nothing New, But Still Dangerous

Palestinian Leaders’ Incitement Undermines their Sincerity as Negotiators Read More »

Vital Points on the Iran Deal: Major Flaws and Positive Elements

Deal paves Iran’s route to a nuclear arsenal Read More »

Condemnation and Condolence by the UN Secretary General — Genuine or Politically Biased?

In the strong condemnation by the UN Secretary General dated July 31, 2015, issued hours after the tragic event, in a statement attributable to his spokesman, his expression of condolences to the family and his call for the perpetrators to be brought to justice were clearly pertinent and justified. Read More »

B’Tselem – Less Reliability and Credibility, More Politics

B’Tselem’s reliance for its funding and sources of information on partisan political organizations places the organization’s credibility and reputation in question. Read More »

Draft International Convention on the Prevention and Punishment of the Crime of Anti-Semitism

Clearly, and sadly, the issue of anti-Semitism has always been and remains a major recurring aspect in the international arena and narrative. Read More »

The Legal War: Hamas’ Crimes against Humanity and Israel’s Right to Self-Defense

The ideological foundation of Hamas as set out in its national charter, and its actions of indiscriminate terror directed against Israeli towns, villages and citizens, clearly define its character as a terrorist entity. This is reflected in the fact that […] Read More »

The UN Commission of Inquiry on the Gaza Conflict:
A Clear Violation of All Accepted International Rules and Norms Governing Fact-Finding Missions

Prof. Shabas and the UN blatantly violated UN standards for impartiality. Read More »

International Criminal Court Opens Inquiry into Possible War Crimes in Palestinian Territories

“As we have said repeatedly, we do not believe that Palestine is a state, and therefore we do not believe that it is eligible to join the ICC.” — State Department spokesman Jeff Rathke, January 16, 2015. Read More »

UN Approves PA for ICC

The Palestinians are not a sovereign state and cannot accede to the ICC statute. Read More »

Ten Points Regarding the Fundamental Breach by the Palestinians of the Oslo Accords

The Palestinian leadership has fundamentally violated the Oslo Accords. Read More »

Hamas and the Decision by the European Union Court: More Deception and Manipulation

Hamas terrorist status has not changed in Europe. Read More »

Palestinian Participation in the “Assembly of States Parties to the ICC Statute”

Current Palestinian statements about the International Criminal Court are nothing more than a deliberate attempt to mislead the international public. Read More »

Parliamentary Recognition of Palestine – Legally, Historically and Politically Questionable

“Recognition of Palestine” Hinders Peace Negotiations Read More »

The Latest Hamas-Israel Confrontation — Some Pertinent Legal Points

The terrorist actions by Hamas are violations of international humanitarian law.  International law recognizes Israel’s right to defend itself, Read More »

Mahmoud Abbas’ Latest ICC Bluff

To accept the Palestinians as a state would be a grave legal mistake by the ICC prosecutor. Read More »

Palestinian Manipulation of the International Community

The lengthy and continuing conflict between Israel and the Palestinians has evolved, over the years, through various phases or cycles of terror on the one hand, and attempts at peace-making on the other. Read More »

The Hamas-Fatah Accord: A Legal Perspective

Hamas – and not just the Palestinian government – must accept Israel. Read More »

Palestinian Deception and the Unwarranted Trust of the West: The Case of Palestinian Accession to International Conventions

The hurried acceptance of the Palestinian applications by the UN is a serious violations of international law. Read More »

Palestinian Manipulation of the International Community

Overview Background of the Israeli-Palestinian Dispute The lengthy and continuing conflict between Israel and the Palestinians has evolved, over the years, through various phases or cycles of terror on the one hand, and attempts at peace-making on the other. These […] Read More »

Palestinian Manipulation of the International Community

Palestinian Manipulation

The lengthy and continuing conflict between Israel and the Palestinians has evolved, over the years, through various phases or cycles of terror on the one hand, and attempts at peace-making on the other. Read More »

Changing the Historical Narrative: Saeb Erekat’s New Spin

The Palestinians have not lived in the country for generations, but rather are immigrants who arrived relatively recently. Read More »

Arafat and the Jewish State: Setting the Record Straight

To say that Arafat recognized Israel as the Jewish state is a clear distortion of the historical record. Read More »

Ten Fundamental Facts Underlying the Peace Process

There is no such thing as the “Palestinian territories.” Read More »

Frustration and Disgust: International Inaction over Syria

After civilians were murdered in Syria with chemical weapons, where is the international community? Read More »

The European Union – Hypocrisy, Hostility and Blatant Prejudice

The unprecedented and hostile EU fixation with Israel and its settlements is based on deliberately misleading and flawed legal and political assumptions. Read More »

Conflict Resolution through Cultural Diplomacy in the Middle East

Peace cannot emanate only from documents signed by leaders alone, but from mutual good faith and credibility among the peoples for whom the agreements are signed. Read More »

Is Jerusalem Really Negotiable? An Analysis of Jerusalem’s Place in the Peace Process

Biased, Prejudiced, and Unprofessional: The UN Human Rights Council Fact-Finding Mission Report on Israeli Settlements

A UN Human Rights Council fact-finding mission on Israeli settlements showed blatant bias, lack of objectivity and unprofessional conduct. Read More »

Is Jerusalem Really Negotiable?

Why has a resolution of the Jerusalem question defied all past negotiators? This study analyzes the various proposals for solving the issue of Jerusalem.
Read More »

The Legal Basis of Israel’s Rights in the Disputed Territories

The oft-used term “occupied Palestinian territories” is totally inaccurate and false. The territories are neither occupied nor Palestinian. Read More »

The Palestinian UN Upgrade: Setting Things Straight

The UN upgrade resolution has neither created a Palestinian state, nor did it grant any kind of statehood to the Palestinians. Read More »

Changing Forms of Incitement to Terror and Violence:
The Need for a New International Response

Incitement is the medium through which the ideology of terror materializes into the act of terror. Read More »

Palestinian Incitement as a Violation of International Legal Norms

Incitement to Terror: Introduction

Sinai, the New Egypt, and the Egypt-Israel Peace Treaty

The challenge posed by the evolving character of Sinai should be handled within the context of the Israel-Egypt peace treaty. Read More »

Draft International Convention for the Prevention of Incitement to Terror

Incitement has become one of the major tactical weapons in the arsenal of certain governments terror organizations and societies in advocating terror, violence and hatred. Read More »

The Settlements Issue: Distorting the Geneva Convention and the Oslo Accords

Israel’s Rights as a Nation-State in International Diplomacy

This book explains clearly why the Jewish people deserve a state of their own and refutes all the major claims against Israel’s rights. Read More »

The Violation of Israel’s Right to Sovereign Equality in the United Nations

Download the report (pdf)   It is assumed, and even goes without saying, that as a nation-state within the framework of international diplomacy, Israel enjoys the most elementary and basic right of all states: to be regarded and accepted, and […] Read More »

The Problem of Palestinian Incitement to Violence

 One of the major obstacles to peace in the Arab-Israeli conflict is the incitement to violence, anti-Israel and anti-Semitic indoctrination that is so pervasive in all levels of Palestinian society. Officially-sanctioned and encouraged incitement against Israel and against Jews inevitably […] Read More »

A Blast from the Past: The Upcoming Durban III Conference (September 2011)

A further attempt to re-legitimize the 2001 Durban Conference against Racism, which became an anti-Semitic and anti-Israel hate-fest, will take the form of a ten-year anniversary commemoration of the conference at the UN in New York on 22 September 2011. This event will coincide with the Palestinian attempt to have the UN recognize and accept a unilateral declaration of a Palestinian state, in violation of the peace negotiation process. This juncture of events confirms the interconnection between the Durban process and the ongoing international campaign to delegitimize Israel. Read More »

The Gaza Flotillas to Come: Some Ground Rules before Setting Out

There is no humanitarian emergency among the civilian population in Gaza, and hence there can be no justification for conveying emergency shipments intended to alleviate an emergency that clearly does not exist. Provoking a confrontation with Israel continues to be the primary aim of flotilla organizers like the Turkish IHH. Read More »

The Palestinian UN Gamble – Irresponsible and Ill-Advised

The Palestinian leadership has announced its intention to abandon the negotiation process and to unilaterally seek a UN resolution that will impose a solution upon Israel. Such a resolution would void the very basis of the peace process, undermine the legal existence of the Palestinian Authority, and render meaningless the signatures of the major powers as witnesses to previous agreements. Read More »

Palestinian Incitement as a Violation of International Legal Norms

Officially-sanctioned incitement against Israel and against Jews has become a central theme in all spheres of Palestinian society. Read More »

The Settlements Issue: Distorting the Geneva Convention and the Oslo Accords

The Fourth Geneva Convention was never intended to refer to situations like Israel’s settlements. Read More »

Israel’s Rights Regarding Territories and the Settlements in the Eyes of the International Community

The issues of the legality of Israel’s settlements and the rationale of Israel’s settlement policy have for years dominated the attention of the international community. Read More »

The Fallacy of the “1967 Borders” – No Such Borders Ever Existed

The “1967 borders” do not exist and have no basis in history, law, or fact. Read More »

Recognition of a Palestinian State – Premature, Legally Invalid, and Undermining any Bona Fide Negotiation Process

The acts of recognition of a Palestinian state in 1967 borders by Brazil, Argentina, and possibly other Latin American states have no significance other than as a political expression of opinion.
The unceasing efforts among states by the leadership of the Palestinian Authority to attain recognition of unilateral statehood within the 1967 borders and thereby bypass the accepted negotiation process, runs counter to their commitments in their agreements with Israel, as witnessed and guaranteed by Read More »

Reasons Not to Join the International Criminal Court in The Hague

There has been talk recently about the possibility of Israel joining the International Criminal Court in The Hague. Unfortunately taking such a step could harm Israel more than benefit it. Read More »

A Paradox of Peacemaking: How Fayyad’s Unilateral Statehood Plan Undermines the Legal Foundations of Israeli-Palestinian Diplomacy

Palestinian Prime Minister Salam Fayyad published a plan in August 2009 to unilaterally declare statehood after a two-year state-building process. However, any unilateral action that undermines the existing Oslo interim framework could jeopardize the peace process and remove the basis for the existence of the Palestinian Authority. Read More »

The Evolution of International Law and the War on Terrorism

A country — whether it be Israel, or the United States in its fight with al-Qaeda — whose army is involved in fighting a terrorist organization which has no state and no boundaries, has to be able to carry out those acts necessary to deal with terror. What happens if the police see a suicide bomber who opens his jacket and shows his explosive belt? Can the Israeli police kill him? He hasn’t done anything. Read More »