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Jerusalem Center for Public Affairs

Israeli Security, Regional Diplomacy, and International Law


Facing the Same Hydra Monster

The European Union has a very complex relationship with Israel, characterized simultaneously by strong links and generalized antipathy. This happens, not just because of issues related to the conflict, such as the settlements, the borders, and so on, but because the European Union, enveloped in multiculturalism, Marxism, and postmodernism, still struggles to understand the dynamics […]


Outlawing Hizbullah Action

In recent years, the Iranian regime and its terror proxy Hizbullah have conducted ideological and political warfare against Israel in Europe. While the European Union has outlawed Hizbullah’s military wing, the European Union and nearly all member states have refused to outlaw Hizbullah’s political wing. EU lawmakers have permitted Iranian regime and Hizbullah demonization hate […]


Creating a Real “Special Partnership”

The Jerusalem Center Working Group’s inauguration on March 17, 2018, as noted by Fiamma Nirenstein in her conclusions, was a seminal event with the mutual goal of defining a new pattern in Israeli-European relations. Since the Working Group last met, critical elements of these relations have further developed as a consequence of decisions taken by […]


The Religious Side of Europe

The battle for Jerusalem is no longer fought in the trenches of the Judean Hills, but in courtrooms in the International Court of Justice in The Hague or UN conference halls in New York and Geneva. The Israeli Foreign Ministry has called the fight “diplomatic terrorism.” Others call it “international lawfare,” and as in any […]


Anti-Semitism in Europe Today Comes Mostly from the Left

Against all odds, after only 70 years since the Holocaust’s massacre of six million Jews, including two million children on European soil, anti-Semitism is dramatically on the rise in thought, rhetoric, and deed. This time around, however, hatred for the Jews has taken a nationalistic, ethnic character that is supported by obsessive incitement, which uses […]


Europe’s NGO Proxy Wars vs. Israel

For two decades, the European Union and western European governments have been providing large budgets to “civil society organizations” for campaigns targeting Israel. Research shows that approximately €100 million ($114,000,000) is transferred annually under frameworks for human rights, development aid, and peace-building to organizations leading the BDS (boycotts, divestment, and sanctions) and lawfare efforts. This […]


What Is Shared Is Stronger than What Divides

On March 20, 2018, the Jerusalem Center for Public Affairs held a significant discussion on the future of relations between Israel and Europe. As part of a closed forum, it hosted strategic and diplomatic experts from several European countries, including the EU ambassador to Israel. Over two days, we discussed misunderstandings regarding Israel’s position, and […]