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Referral of Iranian President Ahmadinejad on the Charge of Incitement to Commit Genocide

Now is the time to avert bloodshed: Ahmadinejad’s incitement deserves an indictment. Read More »

Russia, Iran, and the Nuclear Question: The Putin Record

Vladimir Putin inherited a strong Russian-Iranian relationship from his predecessor Boris Yeltsin. Russia under Yeltsin made major arms agreements with Iran, selling Tehran jet planes, tanks, and submarines, and also began building a nuclear reactor for Iran at Bushehr. The two countries also cooperated on regional issues such as Tajikistan and Afghanistan.
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The Global Range of Iran’s Ballistic Missile Program

The Iranians know they cannot win a war against the United States. Their stated policy is to deter the U.S. and its allies by threatening a war that will cause such damage at such a price that this option will become unacceptable. With this perspective, they are investing very smartly in deterrence enhancers and force multipliers instead of replacing obsolete equipment. Read More »

The Mohammed-Cartoon Controversy, Israel, and the Jews: A Case Study

Israel and the Jews were drawn – almost inevitably – into the controversy between Muslims and the West once the violent protests against the cartoons rapidly accelerated in the first week of February 2006. This was yet another manifestation of the hard core of anti-Semitism that portrays the Jews as responsible for all evil in the world. Read More »

Ahmadinejad’s Incitement to Genocide

Written by Justus Reid Weiner, Esq., with Amb. Meir Rosenne, Prof. Elie Wiesel, Amb. Dore Gold, Irit Kohn, Adv., Amb. Eytan Bentsur, and MK Dan Naveh Read More »

The Autumn 2005 Riots in France – Part II

The influence of the French riots in autumn 2005 went far beyond the country’s borders. Many profound problems that came to the fore during the French riots also exist, in somewhat different form, in several other West European countries. Read More »

Can Diplomacy Still Prevent Iran from Going Nuclear?

The decision of the International Atomic Energy Agency on September 24, 2005, to declare Iran in non-compliance with respect to its obligations as a signatory of the Nuclear Non-Proliferation Treaty (NPT) is a major diplomatic development, opening the door to consideration of Iran’s nuclear weapons program by the UN Security Council. Read More »

Iran’s New Revolutionary Guards Regime: Anti-Americanism, Oil, and Rising International Tension

Since becoming Iran’s president in August, Mahmud Ahmadinejad, who served in the ranks of the Revolutionary Guards during the 1980-1988 war with Iraq, has appointed fellow Revolutionary Guards members to the most key positions in his cabinet and administration, including his foreign and defense ministers. Read More »

Ahmadinejad Calls for Israel’s Elimination and Declares War on the West: A Case Study of Incitement to Genocide

Iranian President Ahmadinejad’s call for the elimination of Israel led to many condemnations, including from the UN Security Council and the European Union. This censure – though only verbal – differed from the usual Western silence concerning genocidal statements of Iranian leaders in previous years. Possible explanations for the West’s reaction include opposition to Iran’s nuclear program and Iran’s support for terrorism in Iraq. Read More »

What If Iran Gets the Bomb? The Iranian Challenge to the West

The Iranians are conducting a clandestine nuclear program in parallel to the public one, the aim of which is clearly the acquisition of nuclear weapons. The Israeli intelligence assessment speaks of three or four years; the Americans add another year or two to this timetable. Read More »