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Terror Strikes Jordan

Jihadist Islamic terror hits the Jordanian security establishment Read More »

A Canadian Newspaper Praises Palestinian Mothers Who Sent Their Sons on Jihad Missions

Is anti-Israel fanaticism instilled in children by mothers? Read More »

Is the International Criminal Court Becoming a Palestinian Propaganda Engine?

The ICC’s outreach to Palestinian “victims” Read More »

What Stands behind Iran’s War Threats?

Is Iran’s leadership becoming unbalanced by the domestic and economic turmoil? Read More »

The Pan-Arab Palestinian Flag Hoisted in Tel Aviv

What does the red, black, green, and white flag represent? Read More »

Mahmoud Abbas Talks in Jordan and Qatar

Concern in Amman over Bedouin-Palestinian tensions Read More »

Stabilizing Israel-Hamas Relations in Gaza: Can It Be Achieved?

Chances for a Gaza deal between Israel and Hamas face many obstacles Read More »

Ahed Tamimi: What’s in a Name

Palestinian teen icon must navigate now between Fatah and Hamas Read More »

Five Years of Abd el Fattah el Sisi – and Egypt Is at a Crossroads

The internal, terrorist, and economic challenges keep mounting Read More »

Recognizing Israeli Sovereignty on the Golan Heights

Amb. Dore Gold testified in Washington before the House Subcommittee on National Security on July 17, 2018 Read More »

Will the Trump-Putin Summit Lead to Some Pushback Against Iran in Syria?

Iran refuses to retreat from the Syrian battleground Read More »

Is Iran Heading for a Collapse? – Nuclear Implications

The purpose of the JCPOA in the eyes of the Iranians is to allow Iran to have a nuclear arsenal in 15 years without bothering about the economic and legitimacy issues. Read More »

Is Iran Heading for a Collapse? – Arab Perspectives

Observations regarding the role of the media and the Arab and the Palestinian perspective. Read More »

Economics Won’t Help. The Palestinians Will Continue with Terror Attacks

Religious and ideological motives eclipse societal and economic benefits. Read More »

The Gaza Strip and “the Deal of the Century”

Palestinian Authority Chairman Abbas digs in his heels against the deal Read More »