Syria: In-Depth Reports

Explaining the Islamic State Phenomenon

ISIS rules today over a swath of land bigger than the United Kingdom, with almost 10 million people.Read More »

Sunni vs Shiite: A Cold War Simmers in an Ancient Hatred

Iran-Saudi sectarian proxy hostilities set to explodeRead More »

Terror Is Terror Is Terror

The US approach to terror is unfocused, selective and indulgentRead More »

Are There Any Moderate Rebels in Syria?

The events and shifts in Syria mean there are few moderatesRead More »

Russia Begins to Bleed in Syria

More Russian soldiers likely to deploy to SyriaRead More »

Iran’s Stake in Syria

Iranian and Russian involvement in Syria reflect the instability in the Middle EastRead More »

The Islamic State’s Rules for its Christian Subjects

ISIS promulgates draconian rules for ChristiansRead More »

The Disintegration of Syria and Its Impact on Israel

Is Assad’s demise inevitable?Read More »

Implications of the Fall of Key Syrian and Iraqi Cities to ISIS

Shiite-Sunni battles are changing the map of the Middle EastRead More »

The Lessons of the Syrian Chemical Weapons Discovery

Syrian and Iranian Non-Conventional Threats.Read More »

Israeli Security Policy in Syria

The attempted Hizbullah attack thwarted on the Golan Heights and the air strikes attributed the Israeli Air Force on against military targets in Syria join a series of similar incidents over the past three years.Read More »

Syrian Opposition also Opposes Nuclear Iran

Syrian opposition leaders speak out on Iran’s nuclear plans and Israel.Read More »

The Islamic State Has Saved Bashar Assad’s Regime

The U.S. fears a collapse of the Assad regime.Read More »

Iran Deploys Afghan Shiite Brigade to Spread Its Control in Southern Syria

Revolutionary Guard commands force near Israel and Jordan.Read More »

Syrian Rebel Document Confirms Iranian-Hizbullah Military Presence in Syrian Golan Heights

Iran and Hizbullah set up on the Syrian Golan.Read More »