Incitement to Terror and Violence Conference – November 8 2011

Incitement to Terror and Violence Conference – November 8 2011: In-Depth Reports

A Single Strategy for Two Fronts

Iran and Syria must understand the cost of military adventurism Read More »

Iran Is Ready to Take Risks in its Struggle with Israel

Israel’s challenge to Iran’s military takeover of Syria is now in the open Read More »

“Fools in Warsaw”: Iran Slams Poland for Hosting “Anti-Iranian” Conference

Iranian hardliners are losing patience with Europe and Iran’s Foreign Ministry Read More »

Mahmoud Ahmadinejad vs. Qasem Soleimani – The Tehran Tangle

Iran’s ex-president takes on the Islamic Republic’s military hero Read More »

Israeli Intelligence Infiltrates ISIS in the Sinai

Egyptian and Israeli armies cooperate closely to thwart ISIS and Hamas threats Read More »

Violence at the Gaza Border Continues

Hamas uses the threat of violence for extortion Read More »

Houthi Drones Attack Senior Officials in Yemenite and Saudi Armies

Evidence shows the weapons are copies of Iranian weapons Read More »

Iranian Policy in Afghanistan: Subversion and Diplomacy

Iran seeks to manage and block the intervention of outside players in Afghanistan, its neighbor Read More »

A Battle of Wits between the Israel Security Agency (ISA) and Hamas

The capture of Hamas’ veteran terrorists in the West Bank worries the organization Read More »

Abbas Pays Gloomy Visit to Cairo as Hamas-Fatah Relations Deteriorate

Hamas cracks down on Fatah supporters in Gaza Read More »

Israel Will Pay the Price for Tensions between the Palestinian Authority and Hamas

Abbas’ sanctions on Gaza may lead Egypt to close the Rafah crossing from Sinai to Gaza Read More »

Tensions Increase on the Gaza Border

Is Hamas again changing the rules of the game? Read More »

The Muslim Brotherhood Debate and Mubarak’s 2018 Court Testimony in Egypt

The Muslim Brotherhood motto: “Jihad is our path; martyrdom is our aspiration.” Read More »

The “Princes” of Iran Speak Out as Regime Fears Collapse

Demonstrations Take Place in Tehran Read More »

The U.S. Withdrawal from Syria: Implications for Israel

There are two basic approaches for understanding the implications of the U.S. withdrawal from Syria for Israel. Read More »