Message from the Editor

, December 30, 2013

The present issue of the Jewish Political Studies Review deals with ongoing developments. Each of the contributors has chosen a different problem, defining and describing its content and context.

Justus Reid Weiner has dealt with campus shout-downs and the threat to freedom of speech about Israel. Dexter van Zile has come to grips with the evolution of attitudes toward Israel among Evangelical Christians. Edward Rettig has drawn on the ideas on language and thought of Canadian philosopher, Charles Taylor, and shown their relevance to the dialogue between Israel and the Diaspora. Eyal Lewin has examined the possibility that several civil religions obtain in Israel, which have significantly influenced the political behavior of Israelis in ways that have not been previously understood. Finally, Dore Gold has analyzed the concept of land-swaps, which has insinuated its way into the current negotiations with the Palestinians, despite the fact that it belongs to the failed negotiations of the past and proposals which long ago have been removed from the table.

We are pleased to present a solid selection of book reviews which deal with a wide range of topics. These comprise a representation of the current literature.

It is our hope that our readers will find the content of this issue timely and informative.

We welcome your suggestions and proposals for new articles and book reviews.

Joel Fishman

Dr. Joel Fishman is a fellow of the Jerusalem Center of Public Affairs.  He served as the assistant editor of volumes X (July 1920-December 1921) and XI (January 1922-July 1923) of The Letters and Papers of Chaim Weizmann (Jerusalem: Israel Universities Press, 1977).