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What We Have Learned from the Iran Nuclear Archive

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Key Quotes from Dr. Olli Heinonen’s Presentation 

“We got this opportunity last year from the Israeli government to come out with David Albright here and to see the documentation which Israeli intelligence picked up during the night. When I look at the documentation itself, it’s 50,000 pages 50,000 files, more than a hundred DVDs. It’s a huge amount of information, so it got extracted but its only 20% of what people believed were in that warehouse. So there is another 80% which stayed behind.”

“Iran conducted feasibility and scientific studies to acquire technical competencies and capabilities, but the goal of the AMAD plan was to manufacture weapons and be prepared to test one. To achieve the goal Iran started to build a parallel military front-end fuel cycle in breach with obligations under its comprehensive safeguards agreement and additional protocol with the IAEA.”

“Its plan to produce weapons grade fissile material is not compatible with Iran’s statements on the peaceful scope and purpose of its nuclear program.”

“Iran has kept all the infrastructure to make another heavy water reactor and most of that is not subject to monitoring by the IAEA.”

“They have become practically independent in manufacturing centrifuge components and parts, which means that the export controls play a lesser role than what they played ten or fifteen years ago because everything can be done domestically.”

“Nuclear weapons-related design, material, documentation, and single-use equipment should be removed, destroyed, or rendered harmless under the supervision of the IAEA as the progress of the verification process permits.”

“Iran is capable of producing fissile material for one nuclear device in six to eight months.”

“We can speculate, it’s pure speculation because the facts are missing, but it should not take more than a year for Iran to develop a fully functional nuclear missile.”