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Palestinian Negotiators Must Enter the “Box of Realism”

Filed under: Israel, Jerusalem, Peace Process, U.S. Policy

Fareed Zakaria interviews Dore Gold

Former Israel Foreign Ministry Director-General Dore Gold said: “In order for negotiations to succeed, and I’ve been involved in a series of negotiations from the days of the Hebron Accord to the Wye Agreement and onward. You have to get the parties into what I call ‘the box of realism.’ And, unfortunately, those who have been engaged in peace negotiations on the Palestinian side haven’t been there.”

“Partly it’s not their fault. Partly it’s the fault of the international community which has organizations like UNESCO, which in May 2017 adopted yet another resolution which disqualified Israel – cut off the historical and legal ties of Israel to Jerusalem. And in a certain sense, what President Trump has done, he has introduced an important correction – I may say a brave correction – in that whole history of UNESCO resolutions that aren’t based on international law, they’re not based on truth, they’re based on political power being exercised against the State of Israel.”