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Jason Greenblatt on President Isaac Herzog’s Visit to the White House

Filed under: U.S. Policy

Former U.S. Envoy to the Middle East and Jerusalem Center for Public Affairs Senior Director of Arab-Israeli Diplomacy Jason Greenblatt is interviewed on i24 English news about Israeli President Isaac Herzog’s recent visit to the U.S., during which he delivered a speech in a joint session in Congress. Greenblatt praises Herzog’s comprehensive speech and suggests that the Biden administration repair relations with its historical allies in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia and Israel, including its policy on the Iran nuclear deal. Greenblatt criticized Biden’s failure to officially receive Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu as a White House guest, only recently extending a vague invitation to meet with Netanyahu in the U.S. Greenblatt emphasized that the Biden administration would do best not to intervene in domestic Israeli affairs such as its judicial reform proposals, and continue supporting the positive momentum created by the Abraham Accords, forged in the previous presidential administration.