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Iranian Terror on the Red Sea and How a Little-Known Country in Africa can stop them

Filed under: Africa
Publication: Our Middle East: An Insider’s View

Why are so many Eritrean refugees making their way to Israel? Is there a stronger connection between the Jewish State and the Eritrean people than we realize? Does Eritrea have more strategic and political importance to Israel than we know?

On today’s episode of “Our Middle East” Jerusalem Center for Public Affairs president Dan Diker talks with his guest, Eritrean refugee to Israel Habtom Mehari, a doctoral candidate at Hebrew University in Jerusalem and part of the Agaiazian movement for a democratic Eritrea.

They discuss:

  • the deep connection between some of the Eritrean refugees and Judaism
  • Eritrea’s strategic and political significance in fighting Iran
  • Israel’s critical role in filling the void that America has left in the Middle East and Africa and helping stabilize Africa.

An inside look at a little-known story!