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Jerusalem Center for Public Affairs
Strategic Alliances for a Secure, Connected, and Prosperous Region

Message from the Jerusalem Center President

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Message from the Jerusalem Center President

The Jerusalem Center for Public Affairs has become Israel’s “Do-Tank” in the non-governmental sector. JCFA’s strategic vision positions the Center as a pillar of strategic, security, and moral clarity as it engages the West and the Arab Muslim majority Near East. We are working to reset the United States’ lead of the Western alliance in its relationship with Israel and pro-Western Arab states, which are under intensifying threat by the Iranian regime and its terror proxies.

How We “Think” and “Do” Israel’s Foreign Affairs 

The JCFA is building upon the Jerusalem Center’s decades-long reputation as one of Israel’s leading Near East research institutes to become a policy, diplomacy, and communications center that bridges shared security needs and different political cultures in a Near East that has been forever transformed since the Iran-backed Hamas atrocities of October 7, 2023. The Islamist assault on Israel also threatens Arab state security and stability.

JCFA has formed strong relationships with Abraham Accords countries and continues to build expanding relationships with Arab Muslim-majority states across the Near East which currently do not maintain formal relations with Israel. Additionally, the JCFA’s assertive “rights-based diplomacy” with Western allies and new friends have repositioned the Center as a “go to” address for the most sensitive issues defining and dividing the U.S.-led Western alliance in its evolving relationship with Israel and the Arab countries. 

Our JCFA diplomacy and media strategy in Arabic, Persian, and English allows us to help stabilize the Israel, Arab, and Western relationship and recalibrate the Near East-America alliance in which Israel plays a central role.

We must now ensure that this and future generations in Israel, the Arab-majority Near East, and the West will cooperate closely to guarantee shared security, stability, and prosperity.

Now is a mission-critical moment to secure Israel and its Arab neighbors and reset a revitalized Near East-America alliance. 

Dan Diker, PhD
President, JCPA