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Trump’s Election Upsets the Palestinian Authority’s Diplomatic Campaign Against Israel

Filed under: Israel, Jordan, Palestinians, U.S. Policy

One of the biggest losers from the U.S presidential election of Donald Trump is the Palestinian Authority. The Palestinian Authority depended on the election of Hillary Clinton so that they could unleash a diplomatic blitz against Israel in the halls of the United Nations. “Civil society” organizations were specifically designed for the task of expelling the State of Israel from the United Nations and replacing it with Palestine. The brazen demand that Israel “return” the Dead Sea Scrolls to the Palestinians is part of the Palestinian strategy to erase Israel and inherit its Jewish heritage, much in the same vein as the PA scheme of pushing a “Palestinian Jesus.”

Palestinian Foreign Minister Riyad al-Malki, the architect of the diplomatic blitz against Israel, was the first to comment on the meaning of Trump’s election. In the first Palestinian public remark on the election, Malki said that he “was concerned” because Trump represented an absolute supporter of Israel. With Trump’s election, he warned, global stability is threatened.

One of the aspects of the French Middle East peace initiative that worried Israel was the intention that NGOs (non-governmental organizations) would play a leading role in that international conference. These organizations, based in Ramallah, lead the campaign of hatred against Israel. Riyad al-Malki and Mustafa Barghouti, the heroes of the anti-Israel Durban Conference, stand out as clear leaders of these organizations, and from them, the BDS movement sprang.

The Palestinian Authority has totally invested itself – in energy and finances – in the campaign against Israel. Malki, for example, recently sought an additional budget increase in order to leverage their success at UNESCO even more for “endeavors” against both Israel and Jordan. Jordan, the representative of Jerusalem’s holy sites, operated with a more moderate and careful hand until the Palestinians charged in like a bull in a china shop. This additional funding did arrive, by the way, despite the fact that the Palestinian Authority has no money to pay salaries, pay off debts, or pay for economic development.

Now, with Trump’s election, the entire delegitimization campaign is down the drain – and the Palestinian Authority has no other agenda.