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The PA, Based in Ramallah, Faces Opposition in Other Towns

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As the Palestinian Authority prepares for municipal elections in October, the rift between Fatah and the official PA security forces is growing in Samaria towns. Nablus and Tulkarem have seen real battles in which both official PA security operatives and Fatah members have been killed.

PA security forces on alert in Nablus
PA security forces on alert in Nablus

In Nablus the tension has risen to even higher levels after the Al-Aghbar family of the Nablus casbah issued condemnations of the Palestinian security forces for, they claim, having “executed” their son, Khaled Abd al-Nasser, while he was a detainee in their hands after his release from an Israeli prison,.

According to the Nablus Facebook pages, the city’s main thoroughfares are strewn with fires. 

Fatah Opposition to the PA

The question that arises, of course, is if the elections do take place, who in Nablus will vote for the pro-Ramallah candidates – if there are any? Who can stop the lists of candidates from Hamas and the pro-Iranian organizations, such as the Popular Front?

In Hebron, the clans are considering whether to draw up lists that are loyal to the city and the district, and not to Ramallah.

Fatah elements have expressed bewilderment as to why, given these gloomy prospects, PA Chairman Mahmoud Abbas, who is also the supposed head of Fatah, is insisting on holding the elections.