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Leadership Program in Arab-Israel Studies


About the Program

The leadership program is a high level, advanced academic program designed for the elite college bound student interested in the various issues surrounding the Israel-Arab conflict. It provides an intensive, demanding and often emotional immersion into the historical, cultural and political aspects of the Middle East from a variety of experts. Throughout the year, students visit important sites in the area and meet with individuals and groups that are active in Israel-Arab affairs. Our goal is to educate young men and women in the Jewish community who will work as informed activists and campus leaders to provide programming directed at specific groups and consistent with the goals of the program.

Students accepted into the program will benefit from a unique view of the conflict  between Israel and the Arab world and gain insights and experiences that most “year-in-Israel” students are not exposed to. These are intellectually challenging encounters designed to enable the fellows to become more knowledgeable and to learn to intelligently discuss the complex nature of what happens in Israel and the Palestinian  territories.

The fellowship program includes exposure to some controversial points of view, difficult sights and potentially confusing experiences. Our approach requires students to listen  carefully and patiently digest the information, some of which includes differing  perspectives on the same historical and contemporary events. The complicated and  complex nature of the subject area requires active attention and participation in all activities – lectures, field trips, Shabbatonim and seminars.

Lectures will feature scholars and activists from all sides of the political spectrum and from Jews and Arabs and Palestinians and Israelis. Field trips will include visits to sights and places that will take the conflict from the theoretical to the practical. Shabbatons will allow for an in-depth exploration of special topics in a relaxed atmosphere while being hosted by long-time Israelis. Our seminars are interactive experiences that review topics related to current events an in detail. Assigned reading  and writing exercises as well as examinations will be required, as in any academic course.