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Hannity: Dore Gold on the Iranian Threat

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Hannity: Dore Gold on the Iranian Threat

Audio Clip: Dore Gold discusses Iranian Threat
on the Sean Hannity Show – April 16, 2012


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Dr Dore Gold joined talk show host Sean Hannity to discuss President Obama’s comments that he is not giving Iran a freebie by allowing them another month to comply with nuclear sanctions. “It seems to me as an observer that the clock is running out,” began Sean, “It’s obvious that the Iranians have thumbed their nose at world opinion and have continued to enrich uranium.” “You’re 100% right,” agreed Gold, “The best source is Secretary of Defense Leon Panetta who said in an interview with 60 Minutes that Iran would have nuclear weapons within one year.”  Though Panetta has been clear that this is a number one priority, it’s not clear whether the United States will be able to stop Iran from having nuclear weapons.