Today, what is the legal standing of the Balfour Declaration?

, April 2, 2017

You asked me about the legal standing of the Balfour Declaration. I think today it is not of any legal status because it has been replaced by the Covenant of the League of Nations, which really repaired all the legal questions that remained with regard to the Balfour Declaration.

Because of the Balfour Declaration, from the legal point of view, you have the question: “Is it a binding declaration?” “Could England make such a declaration before it was actually in control of Palestine?” “What is a ‘national home?’” “What is Palestine, what does it mean ‘in Palestine?’” All these are questions that remain open, but we were lucky to hear the interpretation of Churchill in the Peel Commission where he really said that it really meant a state and it really meant in the whole of Palestine.

About Prof. Ruth Lapidoth

Ruth Lapidoth is a Professor Emeritus of International Law at the Hebrew University of Jerusalem, and Professor at the Law School of the College of Management. She is a recipient of the 2006 Israel Prize in Legal Research and of the 2000 Prominent Woman in International Law Award from the American Society of International Law.She served in the Israeli delegation to the UN in 1976, and in 1979 was appointed Legal Advisor to the Israel Ministry of Foreign Affairs