The Russian Perspective on Developments in the International Arena and the Middle East

, July 4, 2017

In recent years, Russia has become a major player in the Middle East: its military presence in Syria, its growing ties with Iran, the Gulf States, Turkey and Egypt, along with its unique policy on the Palestinian issue, have played an important role in developments during a sensitive period.

With the election of U.S. President Donald J. Trump, these developments, as well as Russia-U.S. relations, have assumed even greater focus.

Dr. Andrey Bystritskiy is Chairman of the Board of the Support and Development Fund of the Valdai Research Club, a research institute of senior Russian officials that includes President Vladimir Putin. Dr. Bystritskiy has been tracking Russian policy during the Putin years and will shed light on the Russian perspective on developments in the Middle East.

About Andrey Bystritskiy

Dr. Bystritskiy is a professor, Dean of the Faculty of Communications, Media and Design at the highly regarded Russian National Research University and the Writers Association. He is a senior communications expert, and has served in several senior positions in Russia and Europe.