Zvi Mazel

Zvi Mazel served as Israel's Ambassador to Sweden between 2002-2004. From 1996 to 2001 he was Israel's Ambassador to Egypt. He has also held senior positions in Israel's Foreign Ministry as director of the Eastern European division and head of the Egyptian and North African department..

Publications by Zvi Mazel

Egypt Fights a Terror Onslaught

Egypt’s army was ill-suited to counter Islamic State’s attacks.  Read More »

Majority and Minorities in the Arab World: The Lack of a Unifying Narrative

Egypt’s Islamic movements seek a way to cast off the Camp David agreement in a manner that will incur minimal diplomatic and economic damage while restoring Egypt to its leading role in the circle of states confronting Israel. This means re-examining the Camp David agreement and submitting it to the decision of the new parliament that will be controlled by the Islamic parties or to a referendum – thereby alleviating the responsibility of any future Egyptian government for cancelling the peace treaty.   Read More »

Rifts in the Muslim Brotherhood Amid Growing Anarchy in Egypt

The economic, social, and political situation in Egypt is getting worse. Due to the security situation, civilians are buying weapons and hiring militias to protect themselves. Confrontations between Islamists and Copts, as well as Islamists and seculars, are increasing. The ruling Military Council is not coping with the many challenges, and there are voices claiming that Egypt is on the verge of a civil war.  Read More »

End of an Era

Nobody knows if a democratic system will emerge in Egypt. During the 1920s, ‘30s and ‘40s, Egypt experienced a similar period when, under the leadership of the Wafd Party, liberal democracy was introduced. However, the democracy was fragile and was […]  Read More »

Rising Tension between Iran and the Gulf States

The Arab Gulf states are feeling compelled to adopt an appeasement policy toward Tehran while with increasing dread they helplessly follow the nuclear crisis, epitomized by Iranian determination and aggression in the face of American weakness.  Read More »

Behind the Humanitarian Mask: the Nordic Countries, Israel, and the Jews

Al Jazeera and Qatar: The Muslim Brothers’ Dark Empire?

Al Jazeera, the most viewed satellite channel in the Arab world, has become a weapon in the hands of the ambitious Emir of Qatar who may be driven by the Muslim Brothers and who is threatening the stability of the Middle East. With the Muslim Brothers increasingly aligned in recent years with Iran, by repeatedly attacking the Sunni Arab regimes and inciting against them, Al Jazeera is serving as an important instrument for Tehran and its effort to undermine their internal stability.  Read More »

Anti-Israelism and Anti-Semitism in Sweden

Sweden claims to be a superdemocracy, an example of enlightenment and openness. People with such pretensions should be a little more knowledgeable about Israel, another democracy after all. And yet the average Swedish citizen does not know more than what the country’s shallow media tells him. This is often anti-Israeli, and the public is influenced by it.  Read More »

How Egypt Molded Modern Radical Islam

The basic ideology of political Islam – which was adopted later by all radical groups – finds its origin within Egypt’s Muslim Brotherhood. During the 1940s the Muslim Brotherhood turned into a powerful extra-political force, leading a campaign of violence and assassinations that eventually brought about the Free Officers revolution in 1952, thus ending the sole liberal experience in Egypt’s history.  Read More »