Yves Pallade

Yves Pallade is director of the Foreign Affairs Network of B'nai B'rith Europe. He deals in particular with the question of Israel’s image in Europe and the political fight against anti-Semitism. He previously served as an expert on combating anti-Semitism at the Berlin office of the American Jewish Committee.The focus of his research and writing is on modern anti-Semitism, political extremism, and international terrorism.

Publications by Yves Pallade

“New” Anti-Semitism in Contemporary German Academia

It is one of the bitter ironies of the dialectics of modernity that the very sphere of science and academia, the purpose of which is to enlighten mankind, has provided intellectual cover to modern Jew-hatred. It was in Germany of all places that scientific discovery and academic discourse were subject to the utmost perversion, contributing intellectually and technically to the Holocaust. Read More »