Yechiel Leiter

Yechiel Leiter is the Chairman of Israel Ports Authority. He previously served as Deputy Director General of the Ministry of Education and was Chief of Staff to Benjamin Netanyahu at the Ministry of Finance. He holds a degree in law, an MA in international relations, and a Ph.D from Haifa University.

Publications by Yechiel Leiter

The Hebraic Roots of John Locke’s Doctrine of Charity

In her path-breaking essays on political Hebraism, Professor Fania Oz-Salzberger identifies John Locke as belonging to the class of "moral economists" whose reading of the Hebrew Bible as a historical and political text caused him to argue for the hungry man’s "right to surplusage"[1] This means that even though Locke championed the idea that man’s labor entitles him to unlimited acquisition of material possessions, God remains the ultimate owner of all property and as such Read More »

Survey: Israeli Public Opposed Further Disengagement Even Before the War with Hizballah

For the past fifteen years, Middle East peace-making has been dominated by two consecutive, illusory, political paradigms. The first paradigm, encapsulated by the Oslo Accords of 1993, belonged to a vision in which it is believed that a solution exists to every problem.

The second paradigm – unilateral withdrawal – proposed that reality could be changed by withdrawing from it, by unilaterally disengaging from it. Read More »

U.S. Policy at a Crossroads: The Relevance of the Roadmap in the Aftermath of the Hamas Victory

Mideast policy has been dictated by the Quartet-sponsored Performance-Based Roadmap, which was based on guidelines outlined by President Bush on June 24, 2002. A careful analysis of President Bush’s speech, along with meticulous adherence to the Roadmap, might actually lead the way to a clearer policy toward Hamas.
Read More »