Yair Auron

Yair Auron is an Israeli historian, scholar and expert specializing on Holocaust and Genocide studies, racism and contemporary Jewry.

Publications by Yair Auron

Jewish-Israeli Identity among Israel’s Future Teachers

The question of Jewish-Israeli identity is one of present-day Israeli society’s cardinal and pressing issues. The identity of a citizen of Israel is not that of a purely Israeli identity, nor is it a purely Jewish identity. It is, in varying degrees, a synthesis of Jewish and Israeli components, depending on the particular subgroups or subidentities. Stress develops around the relationship between Jewishness and Israeliness and around the relationship between Jewish religion and Jewish nationality. Our findings revealed four distinct models of Jewish-Israeli identity: I) Non-religious (secular); 2) Traditionalist (religious tradition-oriented); 3) National religious (State Religious sector); 4) Ultra-Orthodox (Independent sector). A meaningful shift has occurred in the attitude of Israeli youth toward the Holocaust. Read More »

Jewish-Israeli Identity Among Israel’s Future Teachers