Stuart Schoenfeld

Stuart Schoenfeld is Associate Professor and Chair of the department of sociology at Glendon College - York University (Toronto). He works on the sociologies of environment and religion, with continuing interests in transnational networks in both areas and in the potential for the emergence of cosmopolitan identities and empathy. He co-moderates the blog “Environment and Climate in the Middle East.

Publications by Stuart Schoenfeld

Transnational Religion, Religious Schools, and the Dilemna of Public Funding for Jewish Education: The Case of Ontario

The search for public funding for Ontario Jewish day schools is examined in the context of the increasing role of transnational networks as aspects of religious life. Various scholars
(Barber, 1993; Huntington, 1996; Kepel, 1994; Lawrence, 1996 [1989]) have interpreted the recent revival of transnational religious movements as indications of a shift towards a communal identification which challenges identification with the nation-state. In some versions, religious communalism is seen as a movement towards a non-Western (or anti-Western) form of modernization. I Read More »

Public Funding for Religious Education in Ontario: A Dilemma for Canadian Jews?

Minorities seek funding for religious schools, and pluralistic religious education is considered as an option by the Jewish community. Read More »