Steven L. Spiegel

Steven L. Spiegel is Professor of Political Science at UCLA and a Fellow of the Jerusalem Center for Public Affairs. He has written widely about the American-Israeli relationship including "U.S.-Israeli Relations in the Post-Cold War Era" (VP:97).

Publications by Steven L. Spiegel

U.S.-Israel Relations After the Gulf War

The world has now entered a period in which the end of the classic colonial era and the beginning of the Third World is coexisting with the end of the Cold War and the absence of Soviet-American confrontation. Indeed, it is often now said in East Europe, for example, that the Communist era will be seen historically as a 45-year interregnum and that the 1930s are in many ways being resurrected. Read More »

U.S.-Israeli Relations in the Post-Cold War Era

The world is moving into a new era in international relations in the wake of the apparent end of the forty-year Cold War. After viewing the first year of the Bush administration following eight years of the markedly pro-Israel Reagan administration, one may begin to assess the impact of this changing world on U.S.-Israeli relations. Read More »