Rela Mintz Geffen

Rela Mintz Geffen has been the president of Baltimore Hebrew University since 2000. Before that she was professor of sociology and coordinator of the programs in Jewish communal service at Gratz College in Philadelphia, where she served as dean for academic affairs for five years. She is a graduate of the Jewish Theological Seminary and Columbia University, and her PhD in sociology is from the University of Florida. She is a board member of the Jerusalem Center for Public Affairs.

Publications by Rela Mintz Geffen

Jewish Grandparenting in the United States

Many stereotypes exist about Jewish grandparents. One is that in their children’s interfaith marriages they will be the ones to teach grandchildren about being Jewish, thus functioning as transmitters of the Jewish heritage. In reality-in such a sensitive situation-grandparents are often afraid to fulfill this role, even if they are knowledgeable about Judaism. Read More »

How the Status of American Jewish Women Has Changed Over the Past Decades

There have been major developments in the role of Jewish women in the United
States over the past four decades. The changes are undeniably related to what is
happening in American society at large. They have, however, a specifically Jewish_
flavor and take place in many areas across Jewish life. One among many is the
opening of the study of rabbinics and classical Jewish texts to women.
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The Mission of the Schools of Jewish Communal Service in the United States

Defining a Profession / The On-Going Mission of the Graduate Schools and Programs in Jewish Communal Service / Models of Training for Jewish Communal Service / Special Initiatives / Far From Finished Read More »

The Mission of the Schools of Jewish Communal Service

An attempt to define the profession of Jewish communal service, and to create models of training for such workers. Read More »