Prof. Shmuel Trigano

Professor Shmuel Trigano is professor of sociology at the University of Paris-Nanterre . He is director of the College of Jewish Studies at the Alliance Israélite Universelle, editor of Pardes, a journal of Jewish studies. Prof. Trigano is also the founder of L'Observatoire du Monde Juif, a research center on Jewish political life.

Publications by Prof. Shmuel Trigano

The Expulsion of the Jews from Muslim Countries, 1920-1970: A History of Ongoing Cruelty and Discrimination

Between 1920 and 1970, 900,000 Jews were expelled from Arab and other Muslim countries. The 1940s were a turning point in this tragedy; of those expelled, 600,000 settled in the new state of Israel, and 300,000 in France and the United States. Today, they and their descendents form the majority of the French Jewish community and a large part of Israel’s population. Read More »

How French Society Views the Jews

The way a country’s population views the Jews largely determines their position in its society. This is often far more important than the Jews’ own behavior. The French perception of the Jews is different from how the Jews see themselves. To a certain extent, everyone lives in his own mental sphere. Read More »

The Future of the Jews in France

The major Jewish organizations in France are in crisis. The organizational model that has served the French community in the past decades is no longer viable. It is unclear whether a new workable model will emerge that can replace it. Read More »

Europe’s Distortion of the Meaning of the Shoah’s Memory and Its Consequences for the Jews and Israel

The challenge the Shoah’s memory poses to the Jews, concerns the Jewish people’s legitimacy, that is, its right to exist in Europe and the Middle East. The European discourse on "the Shoah’s memory" is a delusion that conceals the nonrecognition of this right. Read More »

French Anti-Semitism: A Barometer for Gauging Society’s Perverseness

The ongoing anti-Jewish aggression has created a trend toward mental and behavioral ghettoization of the French Jewish community. Many Jews now feel secure only in a Jewish environment. One result of this is an increased enrollment in Jewish day schools. Read More »

The Perverse Logic of French Politics

No. 479      June 2002 Delegitimizing Jewish Citizenship in France Today the Jewish community in France finds itself in a completely new social and political situation, which could represent a turning point in its history. There are a number […] Read More »

French Jewry Facing Haredization

Jewish communal Judaism in France and a second return to more traditional practices. Read More »