Prof. Shmuel Trigano

Professor Shmuel Trigano is professor of sociology at the University of Paris-Nanterre . He is director of the College of Jewish Studies at the Alliance Israélite Universelle, editor of Pardes, a journal of Jewish studies. Prof. Trigano is also the founder of L'Observatoire du Monde Juif, a research center on Jewish political life.

Publications by Prof. Shmuel Trigano

The Perverse Logic of French Politics

No. 479      June 2002 Delegitimizing Jewish Citizenship in France Today the Jewish community in France finds itself in a completely new social and political situation, which could represent a turning point in its history. There are a number […] Read More »

French Jewry Facing Haredization

Jewish communal Judaism in France and a second return to more traditional practices. Read More »