Prof. Sergio Itzhak Minerbi

Dr. Sergio Itzhak Minerbi served as Ambassador of Israel to the Ivory Coast and to the EEC, Belgium and Luxembourg. He served as Senior Lecturer at the Institute for Contemporary Jewry at the Hebrew University in Jerusalem and Visiting Professor at the Haifa University. He is the author of The Eichmann Trial Diary, New York: Enigma Books, 2011. He has also published The Vatican and Zionism (Oxford University Press, 1990).

Publications by Prof. Sergio Itzhak Minerbi

The Eichmann Trial, by Deborah E. Lipstadt

Deborah E. Lipstadt is a professor of Modern Jewish History and Holocaust Studies at Emory University. Read More »

Benedict XVI, the Lefebvrians, the Jews, and the State of Israel

This article explores the relations between the Catholic Church and the Jews from the middle of the previous century until the present day. It will focus on how the Catholic Church has dealt with memory of the Shoah and how this has affected the Church’s relations with the Jews. It will look at the most recent developments in dialogue between the Church and the Jews under Pope Benedict XVI and the impact of his visit to Israel in May 2009. Read More »

Pope John Paul II and the Jews: An Evaluation

Many Jews admired the late Pope John Paul II but paid little attention to the content of his message. A deeper analysis of his statements offers a better understanding. In his encyclical "Dominum et Vivificantem" of 1986, he seemed to revive the accusation of deicide. Visiting Auschwitz in 1979, he called it "the Golgotha of the modern world" and spoke of "six million Poles who lost their lives during the war." Read More »

The Passion by Mel Gibson: Enthusiastic Response in the Catholic World, Restrained Criticism by the Jews

Mel Gibson’s film The Passion, first screened for the public on Ash Wednesday, 25 February 2004, aroused great interest among both Jews and Christians. The film’s anti-Semitic content and violence were the major reasons for the wide attention it received. Read More »

The Vatican and the Standoff at the Church of the Nativity

On April 1, 2002, some 200 armed Palestinians entered one of the most important shrines and holy places in Christianity – the Church of the Nativity in Bethlehem marking the place where Jesus was born – and remained inside until May 12. Read More »

Neo Anti-Semitism in Today’s Italy

The purpose of this article is to analyze and confute some of the arguments recently put forward by important Italian intellectuals against Jews and against Israel. Neo anti-Semitism camouflaged as anti-Zionism is spreading in Italy today. Three main examples of this phenomenon are given: Sergio Romano, Alberto Asor Rosa, and Barbara Spinelli. Romano claims that the memory of the Shoah has become an insurance policy and is used by Israel as a diplomatic weapon, while Israel itself is "a war Read More »

Ernst Nolte and the Memory of the Shoah

Nolte’s path is haphazard and contradictory in an effort to en-joy both worlds: to avoid being seen as a negationist of the Shoah while allowing himself to make a series of outrageous and prepos-terous points regarding the Shoah. His trajectory and tactics are revealed extensively as is the array of claims he makes. Nolte equates Zionism to Nazism and envisages a future recognition of Hitler as the originator of the State of Israel. Read More »