Prof. Morton Weinfeld

Morton Weinfeld is professor of sociology at McGill University where he holds the Chair in Canadian Ethnic Studies. He is the author of Like Everyone Else but Different: The Paradoxical Success of Canadian Jews (McClelland & Stewart, 2001) and editor of the section on Modern Jewish Life in the Diasporain Zman Yehudi Chadash: Tarbut Yehudit Be’edan Hiloni (Keter, 2007, Hebrew).

Publications by Prof. Morton Weinfeld

Quebec Anti-Semitism and Anti-Semitism in Quebec*

Jewish marginality is an ongoing feature of Quebec Jewish life. The Jewish case in Quebec is unique in North America. French Quebec has not come to a full societal resolution of the legacies of its attitudes toward Jews and World War II during the 1930s and 1940s. Read More »

The Integration of Jewish Immigrants in Montreal: Models and Dilemmas of Ethnic Match

Judaic Inreach: Enhancing Shabbat Observance in a Suburban Congregation

Jewish Television for the Next Century

Jews and Ukrainians in Canada: A Comparative Study of Diaspora-Homeland Relations

A relatively neglected area of inquiry in the field of ethnic relations is the impact of homeland events and relations on diaspora communities, and, indeed, on interminority
relations in those diasporas. This essay rep resents a case study of diaspora homeland relations as these have affected Ukrainians and Jews in Canada. The nature of
these relations in Canada to day is a product of socio-demographic characteristics of the two communities, the real and perceived legacy of historical relations which existed in Ukraine, and contemporary events in both Israel and Ukraine. Read More »