Prof. Marc Shapiro

Prof. Marc B. Shapiro holds the Weinberg Chair in Judaic Studies at the University of Scranton and is on the faculty of the Yeshivat Chovevei Torah Rabbinical School. He is the author of Between the Yeshiva World and Modern Orthodoxy: The Life and Works of Rabbi Yehiel Jacob Weinberg, 1884-1966 and The Limits of Orthodox Theology, both of which were National Jewish Book Award finalists.

Publications by Prof. Marc Shapiro

Modern Orthodoxy and the Challenges to Its Establishment

American Modern Orthodoxy consists of at least two rather distinct types, an intellectual and a sociological one. Intellectual Modern Orthodoxy has an ideology of joining the best of Western civilization with a commitment to Jewish law and traditional Jewish values. Sociological Modern Orthodoxy numbers many more people and is mainly a lifestyle choice. It is a commitment to Jewish law combined with the better things in life. Read More »