Prof. Leslie Wagner

Prof. Leslie Wagner is a fellow of the Jerusalem Center for Public Affairs. Before making Aliyah in 2008, he was Chancellor of the University of Derby and Vice-Chancellor (President) of Leeds Metropolitan University in England. Within the Jewish community, the offices held by Professor Wagner included Vice President of the United Synagogue and trustee of the Office of the Chief Rabbi. He chaired the Commission on the Future of Jewish Schools for the Jewish Leadership Council. In 2000, Professor Wagner was honored by the Queen for his services to higher education and the Jewish community.

Publications by Prof. Leslie Wagner

The Revival of British Jewry

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Much Ado About… the Academic Boycott of Israel in the UK

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Leslie Wagner on The Palgrave Dictionary of Anglo-Jewish History Edited by William D. Rubinstein, Michael A. Jolles, and Hilary L. Rubinstein

The Challenges Facing British Jewry

The challenges facing British Jewry now are little different from those that have faced Diaspora Jewry generally over the past one hundred years or more, namely, the twin problems of assimilation and anti-Semitism. The interesting questions today are whether the nature and context of these challenges are different at present, in the second decade of the twenty-first century, and how effective the community’s response to these challenges is likely to be. Read More »

Watching the Pro-Israeli Academic Watchers

Although anti-Israeli activity on campus was evident in the 1980s and 1990s, the resolutions at the notorious World Conference against Racism in Durban in August 2001 led to an upsurge in such efforts and also to the founding of three academic watch organizations in 2002. The largest of these organizations is the U.S.-based Scholars for Peace in the Middle East, which is run by the academic community itself. Campus Watch, also U.S.-based, is part of the well-established Middle East Forum and foc Read More »

Leslie Wagner on The Palestinian Right to Israel, by Alex Grobman

Rights as a Zero-Sum Game
The Palestinian Right to Israel, by Alex Grobman, Balfour Books, 2010, 326 pp.
Reviewed by Leslie Wagner Read More »