Prof. Julien Bauer

Julien Bauer has served as a researcher for the Quebec government and is a professor of political science at Université du Québec à Montréal. A fellow of the Canadian Institute for Jewish Research, he is the author of eight books.

Publications by Prof. Julien Bauer

Jews as Symbols and Reality in Multicultural Canada

The growth of Canada’s Jewish population has followed the pattern of Canada’s development: a shift from east to west. Until the mid-twentieth century, Montreal was the center of Canadian Jewish life; today that role is played by Toronto. About half of Canada’s Jews reside in Toronto, a quarter in Montreal, and the rest in smaller communities such as Ottawa, Winnipeg, Calgary, and Vancouver. Read More »

The Supreme Court, Jewishness, and Democracy: Suggestions for a More Effective Balance

Under the leadership of Aharon Barak, the Israeli Supreme Court experienced a constitutional revolution, giving it the right to judge whether various public decisions respect the Jewish and democratic values of the state. This paper emphasizes that the Supreme Court is ill equipped to judge according to Jewish values, without reference to mishpat ivri, Jewish law. Read More »