Prof. Ezra Sadan

Prof. Ezra Sadan has served as Director General of the Ministry of Finance and the Ministry of Agriculture. He also chaired a commission appointed by the Minister of Defense on programs to develop the Palestinian economy and participated in mediation and study panels hosted by the Office of the Prime Minister, the World Bank, and others to inquire into the economics and financing of peace in the Middle East.

Publications by Prof. Ezra Sadan

How is Israel’s Economy Affected by the Security Situation?

Defense expenditures in Israel were less than 10 percent of GDP in the 1950s, climbing to 35 percent after the Yom Kippur War. After Israel signed the peace agreement with Egypt, defense expenditures leveled off while the economy kept growing, so the overall share of defense-related spending declined back down to 10 percent. In the 1980s, as a result of exposure of Israeli industries to competition, Israel shifted to new industries – moving from agriculture and textiles to high tech. Read More »