Prof. Eliezer Schweid

Professor Eliezer Schweid, a Fellow of the Jerusalem Center for Public Affairs, received the Israel Prize in 1994 for his contributions to Jewish thought. He is the author of numerous books on medieval and modern Jewish philosophy, Hebrew literature, Zionism, and current affairs.

Publications by Prof. Eliezer Schweid

“In Amsterdam I Created the Idea of a Jewish State…”: Spinoza and National Jewish Identity (in Hebrew)

Spinoza was the first philosopher to classify Judaism as nationalism according to the modern secular understanding of the term, and not as religion. He showed that the original laws of the Torah of Moses were as a state constitution directed exclusively toward down-to-earth objectives. God was the king, but the world was not theocratic because the kingdom of God was not established as a church; that is, Moses did not consider himself, nor did he appoint beneath him, a leader that presumed to personify the authority of God, who acts and supervises directly (or through the laws of nature). Read More »


With the completion of the process of secularization within the Jewish people, it is now clear that secularism is no substitute for religion. Read More »

The State of Israel in Its Jubilee Year

Scriptural law does not designate the Jubilee Year as a time for the celebration of achievements. On the contrary, it is a year of reformative and renewing examination. Mosaic law relates to the passage from bondage to freedom. Read More »

The State of Israel in it’s Jubilee Year

The need for political reform and crisis in leadership and culture are addressed. Read More »

The Jewish State and Democracy

What is Israel’s Education Policy?