Noam Ivri

Noam Ivri, a fluent Arabic speaker, earned a bachelor's degree in international relations from the Elliott School at George Washington University. He served in the IDF's Liaison Branch for Foreign Forces and is presently a researcher at

Publications by Noam Ivri

American Muslims: The Community and Their Relations with Jews

Muslims in the United States number slightly under three million according to the most accurate population studies.They are among the wealthiest, most educated, and most ethnically diverse Muslim communities in the world.Their integration into the United States is remarkably different than in European countries, most notably in the near-absence of Muslim ghettos or enclaves common across the Atlantic. Three well-organized and well-funded political and civil rights organizations form the core Muslim advocacy.They work within the American political process to advance Muslim interests, but frequently present their community as victims of widespread “Islamophobia.”Leaders in all three have drawn controversy for support of extremist groups, and are overall hostile to Israel. Read More »