Karl Pfeifer

Karl Pfeifer is an Austrian journalist and former editor of the Jewish community's newspaper, Die Gemeinde. He has published several books, including a selection of his articles under the title Nicht immer ganz bequem[Not always quite comfortable] (Vienna: Verlag Der Apfel, 1996).

Publications by Karl Pfeifer

Austria, the Jews, and Anti-Semitism: Ambivalence and Ambiguity

Austria has made a major effort to suppress the memories of its institutional and popular behavior during the war. Unlike Germany, there is until today no feeling of shame for what the Austrians did to the Jews.
In its hypocritical atmosphere it is the role of the Jewish functionary to say ‘here everything is normal.’
Anti-Semitism remains part and parcel of Austrian culture with its strongest hold in politics and the media. It can be found both on the right and the left.
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