Judge Amnon Straschnov

Judge Amnon Straschnov, currently president of the Israeli Institute of Commercial Arbitration, served as the Military Advocate General of the Israel Defense Forces (1986-1991) and as President of the Military Courts in the West Bank (1982-1984). He also administered Israel's military justice system both within the "green line" and in the administered areas.

Publications by Judge Amnon Straschnov

Israel’s Military Justice System in Times of Terror

Why should Israel keep the rules of engagement and follow international law while fighting terrorists when the terrorists do not ? Israel is a civilized state and the Israeli soldier is not the same as the Palestinian terrorist. Israelis do not shoot at civilians or kill women and children, and they do not put bombs in buses. Read More »

Israel’s Commitment to Domestic and International Law in Times of War

All activities performed by Israel during the first intifada as well as nowadays are based on law. Israel follows the emergency defense regulations enacted by the British in Mandatory Palestine in 1945. They are similar to those enacted by the British against the IRA in Northern Ireland. Read More »