Irwin Cotler

Irwin Cotler, a renowned international human rights lawyer, is a member of the Canadian Parliament, Professor of Law at McGill University, and an Associate of the Jerusalem Center for Public Affairs.

Publications by Irwin Cotler

Laundering Delegitimization

Durban’s Troubling Legacy One Year Later: Twisting the Cause of International Human Rights Against the Jewish People

The World Conference Against Racism in Durban was originally planned as a platform to focus on the world’s underrepresented human rights causes. Yet what was supposed to be a conference against racism turned into a conference of racism against Israel and the Jewish people. Read More »

Jewish NGOs, Human Rights, and Public Advocacy: A Comparative Inquiry

This article is being written at a critical juncture in the struggle for human rights, in general, and religious human rights, in particular. At this, a defining moment in the role of human rights
non-governmental organizations (NGOs), generally, and Jewish NGOs, in particular, in that struggle, a discussion including the contrasting principles and perspectives that underpin the differing advocacy roles of Jewish NGOs in the U.S. and Canada appears most opportune.
Read More »

Revolutionary Times in the Soviet Union- 20 Months Later