Hillel C. Neuer

Hillel C. Neuer, a member of the New York Bar, is executive director of UN Watch in Geneva and a frequent contributor of articles on law and politics.

Publications by Hillel C. Neuer

The Demonization of Israel at the United Nations in Europe Focus on the Human Rights Council and Specialized Agencies

I. Introduction If an alien from another planet visited the United Nations and listened to its debates, read its resolutions, and walked its halls, the extraterritorial observer would logically conclude that a principal purpose of the world body is to […] Read More »

The Struggle against Anti-Israel Bias at the UN Commission on Human Rights

The campaign to demonize Israel cripples the functioning of the UN Commission on Human Rights. The overt bias against one state undermines its credibility and integrity. The same can be said for the UN as a whole; defeating its bigotry requires exposing and contesting it. The monitoring group UN Watch has recently achieved successes in exposing and contesting the Commission’s abuses. Read More »