Harold Waller

Harold Waller is a Professor at Georgetown University. His interests include The U.S. Budgetary Process as a Focal Point of the Struggle Over Public Policy,American Politics, Research Methods, Jewish Political Studies, and Israeli Politics.

Publications by Harold Waller

Political Philosophy and the Jewish Political Tradition: Can They be Integrated?

The maturation of the field of Jewish political studies has produced a substantial literature on several topics, among them Jewish political thought. Yet conventional teaching of political philosophy in Western universities tends to ignore this literature. The questions of why this should be the case and how material from the Jewish, political tradition might be integrated into the teaching of political philosophy are addressed. Several themes that appear in the field of political philosophy are discussed with suggestions as to how Jewish political thought might apply to them. These themes include: the ideal polity, the achievement and maintenance of legitimacy, the nature of the political community, the obligations of individual citizens, the rights of citizens, balancing rights and obligations, the basis for political authority, equality, the significance of the state in the system,
the creation of the just society, the exercise of power, and the ethical dimensions of war and peace. Read More »

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